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Tang Group Members


Ian Baxter

I received a bachelors degree in biochemistry from Florida Gulf Coast University in spring of 2020. During my undergrad I worked on the synthesis of Resveratrol analogs for the use in cancer research and did computational calculations for the nucleophilic attack of a silyl ketene. In fall of 2020 I joined Dr. Tang's research group. My main research interest lie in polymers and synthetic methods.




Xiaomeng Li

I am from Laiwu, Shandong Province, P. R. China. I got my B.S. in 2018 in Polymer Science and Engineering from Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST) supervised by Prof. Runxiong Lin. My research topic is “Study on properties of photosensitive resin for 3D printing”. After that, I joined Dr. Junpeng Wang’s group in University of Akron (UAkron), and got my M.S. in Polymer Science in 2020. During my master project, I worked on mechanochemistry. In the fall of 2020, I joined Prof. Chuanbing Tang’s group. My research interests lie in the field of mechanochemistry.




Shayah Bension

I received my bachelors degree in political science and chemistry from Case Western Reserve University where I researched conjugated organophosphorus materials for energy applications under Dr. John Protasiewicz. After I graduated in 2017 I worked in the petroleum industry in Houston at ExxonMobil on polypropylene production. In 2018, I took on a much more customer focused role at SASOL North America in Louisiana where I helped develop applications for our alcohol products. The following school year I moved to Columbia to pursue a PhD in organic chemistry at USC where I joined Dr. Tang's group in fall of 2019 to explore polymer synthesis from biofeedstocks. My main research areas of interest are polymer physics, homogeneous catalysis, and biomaterials science.

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Leman Kurnaz

I am from Izmir, Turkey. I got my bachelor from Ege University and received my master’s degree from Selcuk University in Physical Chemistry. During my master project, I worked on the block copolymer synthesize techniques. I worked for 3 years as a researcher in Advanced Technology Research and Development Center. I decided to improve my knowledge of polymers and joined Dr.Tang’s group in the fall of 2018. My research interests are self-assembly polymers and their potential applications. I like to spend my time with my family, cook and watch a movie.

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Jihyeon Hwang

I am from South Korea. I received my B.S. in Chemistry in 2013 from Purdue University. During undergraduate, I designed the micro-particles for drug delivery applications under Dr. Kinam Park. Then I joined Dr. Anzar Khan’s group in Korea University, and got my M.S. in Chemical and Biological Engineering in 2018. During master years, I focused on the water-soluble polymer and the hydrogel synthesis, and their applications. In the fall of 2018, I joined Dr. Tang’s group. My research interests lie in the field of antimicrobial materials.

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Yujin Cha

I am from South Korea. I got my B.S.(2008) and M.S.(2011) in Chemistry from Pohang University of Science and Technology. My research topic was “Synthesis of modified nucleoside triphosphates”. After college, I had worked for LG Chem. During my occupation, I researched on the development of acrylonitrile butadiene rubber latex. I decided to expand my research experience, so I chose USC. In 2016, I joined Dr. Tang’s research group. And, my research topic is about the self-assembly of metallopolymer. My favorite activity is to watch baseball game and to play with my daughter.

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Dr. Yuanyuan Luo (Ph.D. University of Akron)
Yuanyuan came from Xinyang, Henan Province, P.R. China. She received her B.Mtl.E. in functional biomaterial major from Beijing University of Chemical Technology in 2014. She joined The Becker Functional Biomaterial Lab at University of Akron to continue her graduate study and research in polymer field with a focus on synthesis and characterization of degradable polyesters for 3D printing and medical applications. She obtained her Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from University of Akron in 2019. She joined Prof. Chuanbing Tangís group in 2020 to continue her research interest in applying polymers for medical applications and the application of sustainable materials. She enjoys playing table tennis, hiking , reading and music in her free time.


Dr. Huina Lin (Ph.D. Rutgers University)
I am from Fujian, China. I got my B.S. in chemistry from Fuzhou University. Then I joined Prof. Frieder Jšekleís group at Rutgers University in New Jersey and obtained my Ph.D. in chemistry. During my Ph.D., I worked on the design and synthesis of borane-functionalized polyolefins. After that, I joined Prof. Chuanbing Tangís group as a postdoc. My research interests are the synthesis of metallopolymer, and its application in anion exchange membranes.


Dr. Dustin Goodlett (Ph.D. University of South Carolina)
I received my B.S. in chemistry with a biochemistry concentration from Newberry College in 2013. I then joined Dr. Linda S. Shimizuís group at the University of South Carolina where I obtained my Ph.D. in organic chemistry. My graduate work focused on persistent photogenerated radicals of urea-assembled benzophenone macrocycles as well as the synthesis and derivatization of triple negative breast cancer pharmaceuticals. Afterwards, I joined Dr. Chuanbing Tangís group as a post-doctoral fellow where I am currently focused on lignin depolymerization and the synthesis of lignin-based hydrogels.





Matt Seraydarian

I am from Medford, New Jersey. I am studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and plan to graduate in the spring of 2021. I joined Dr. Tang’s group in the fall of 2019 and I am currently working under Dr. Tianyu Zhu and Yujin Cha studying the mechanical properties of metallopolymers. After I graduate from USC I am hoping to continue in the field of scientific research in graduate school and pursue a PhD in chemistry or biochemistry. In my free time I like to spend time with my roommates, practice my saxophones, and cheer for Philadelphia sports teams.

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Luis "LD" Ramos

I am from Greenville, South Carolina. I may be receiving my B.S. degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the spring of 2021. I primarily work under Shayah Bension and Jihyeon Hwang in functionalizing lignin and development of antimicrobial polymers, respectively. After graduation, I plan to continue into graduate school at USC and receive a PhD in chemistry. I am primarily interested in antimicrobial polymers.

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Graduate Students


Dr. Meghan E. Lamm


Ph.D. 2019 USC

Oakridge National Lab

Email :

Dr. Tianyu Zhu


Ph.D. 2019 USC

Postdoc Fellow

Email :

Dr. Md Anisur Rahman

Ph.D. 2019 USC

Oakridge National Lab

Lin Fu

M.S. Akron

Dr. Parasmani Pageni

Ph.D. 2018 USC, B.S., Milligan College

Research Scientist at SNFHC

Ryan J. Miskin

M.S. 2018, B.S. BYU-Idaho

Dr. Mitra Ganewatta

Ph.D. 2017 USC, B.S., University of Colombo

Senior Scientist @ Ingevity

Xinzhou Zhang

M.S. 2017, B.S. Nanjing University

Research Scientist in Shanghai

Dr. Liang Yuan

Ph.D. 2016 USC, B.S. NKU

Senior Scientist @ Ingevity

Mohammad Pabel Kabir

M.S. 2016

B.S. University of Dhaka

Georgia State University

Dr. Jeffery Hayat

Ph.D.2015 USC, B.S. PITT

Research Scientist at Goodyear

Nathan M. Trenor

M.S.2015, B.S. USC

Works at Anchor Sales and Service Inc., Salem, VA. (Nathan's Family Company)

Dr. Perry Wilbon

Ph.D.2015 USC, B.S., M.S. MTSU

Post-doctoral Scientist at University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Dr. Jiuyang Zhang Ph.D. 2014 USC, M.S., B.S. NJU

Professor at Southeast University (China)

Dr. Kejian Yao

Ph.D.2013 USC, M.S., B.S. ECUST

Research Scientist at Georgia-Pacific Chemicals

Dr. Christopher Hardy

Ph.D. 2013 USC, B.S. NCSU

Binder Research Chemist at Knauf Insulation North America

Moumita Sharmin Jui

M.S. 2020 USC



Shanfeng Tang

Yijun Zheng (visiting from PKU), now postdoc in Germany



Undergraduate Students


Louis Mercado

B.S. 2017 University of South Carolina


Ayi Eta

B.S. 2018 University of South Carolina

Medical student at University of Miami

Marcela De Souza

B.S. 2016 University of São Paulo


Parker Singleton

B.S. 2015 USC

Graduate Student at Cornell University

Timothy M. Deaton

B.S. 2013 USC

Graduate Student at Boston College

Eric Leonhardt

B.S. 2013 USC

Graduate Student at Texas A&M with Prof. Karen L Wooley

Edgar Luat

B.S. 2018 USC


C. Wayne McAlister


Dioni Gonzalez-Delozier

Miranda Duncan

Deon Doxie, now graduate student at Vanderbilt University

James Lee

Aherial Polite

David Chandler, now University of South Carolina

Cynthia Tamboue, now Benedict College

Yiqing Zhong


High School Students (Project Seed Program)

Nia Livingson (AC Flora High School)

Samuel Hankinson (Dreher High School)

Laurentz Florit (Ridge View High School)

Adam Wirth (Ridge View High School)

Kim Mcrae (Spring Valley High School)

Lupita Garcia (AC Flora High School)

Matthew Wirth (Ridge View High School)

Neema Patel (AC Flora High School)


Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholars


  Dr. Sayful Islam Dr. Yi Yan Dr. Yanming Han
  Dr. Lixia Ren Dr. Jifu Wang Dr. Zhongkai Wang
  Dr. Shichao Xu Dr. Peng Yang Dr. Jingya Nan
  Dr. Haijiao Kang Dr. Ye Sha Dr. Ying Lin
  Dr. Yali Qiao Dr. Xiaodong Yin Dr. Yuzhi Xu
  Dr. Benjamin Lamm Dr. Shaobo Tan Dr. Hui Li
  Dr. Ying Chen Dr. Alper Nese Dr. Yufeng Ma
  Dr. Puyou Jia    



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