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Dr. Ye Sha (Ph.D. NJU)

I am from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. I graduated from China University of Mining & Technology and got my bachelor’s degree in 2012. Then I pursued my PhD degree in Nanjing University from 2012 to 2017. My research focused on the structure and glass transition behavior of confined polymer under the supervision of Prof. Gi Xue and Prof. Dongshan Zhou. Since July 2017, I joined Prof. Tang’s group at USC as a postdoc fellow, working on the construction and application of metallocene-containing polymers.

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Dr. Shaobo Tan (Ph.D. XJTU)

I come from Yuncheng, Shanxi province, China. After graduated from Xi’an Polytechnic University and received my bachelor degree (Polymer Science and Engineering) in 2009, I got my doctor degree (Materials Science and Engineering) under the direction of Prof. Zhicheng Zhang in Xi’an Jiaotong University from 2009 to 2015. After graduation, I worked in Xi’an Jiaotong University and my research focused on the modification of Poly(vinylidene fluoride) based fluoropolymers and study their dielectric and ferroelectric properties. Since July 2017, I joined Prof. Tang’s group at USC as a visiting scholar, working on synthesis and characterization of multi-functional polymers.

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Haijiao Kang (B.S. BJFU)

I come from Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China. I received my bachelor’s degree in 2013 in Beijing Forestry. Then I carry on my study in Beijing Forestry University to pursue my Doctor degree. My major is Wood Sci. & Tech. and my research focused on the soy protein based renewable adhesives preparation. Since December 2017, I joined Prof. Tang’s group at USC as a visiting student, working on synthesis and characterization of soybean oil based polymers.

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Parasmani Pageni (M.S. ETSU)

Paras  Pageni is originally from Nepal and received his B.S from Milligan College in Biology and Chemistry. He received M.S in Organic Chemistry from East Tennessee State University under the supervision of Dr. Yu Lin Jiang focusing on the synthesis of novel derivatives of resveratrol. He then joined PhD program in University of South Carolina and joined Dr. Chuanbing Tang’s group in Fall 2013. He is working on metal containing polymers and its biomedical applications. During his free time, he likes to play and watch soccer. 

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Md Anisur Rahman

I am from Bangladesh. I received my B.S. in Chemistry from Jahangirnagar University in 2011. Then I moved to USA and obtained M.S. degree in Organic Chemistry at Tennessee State University in 2014. During my MS, I did research with Prof. Mohammad Karim in organic synthesis and the bio-assays. In August 2014, I came University of South Carolina to pursue PhD and joined Prof. Chuangbing Tang's research group. My research projects are mainly focused on the synthesis of antimicrobial materials, characterization and mechanistic studies. I enjoy playing cricket, travelling and visiting different places.

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Meghan E. Lamm (B.A. IWU)

I am originally from Naperville, IL. I received my B.A. in Chemistry in 2015 from Illinois Wesleyan University. During undergraduate, I researched under Dr. Ram Mohan, focusing on development of green methodology for the Grignard reaction, and Dr. Rebecca Roesner, focusing on the synthesis of supra-molecular host molecules. In the summer of 2015, I joined Dr. Tang’s research group with a Copenhaver fellowship. My research focuses on synthesizing polymers from soybean oil for various applications. In my free time I like to cook, bake,
swim, and play with my dog.

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Tianyu Zhu (B.S. NJU)

I come from China and completed my bachelor degree in Nanjing University in 2015. My previous advisor Dr. Dongshan Zhou gave me a lot of guidance and also recommended me here. So in the same year, I joined Dr. Tang’s group and now working on dielectric project. I like all my group members and enjoy the life here.

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Ryan J. Miskin

I moved to South Carolina in 2014 after receiving my B.S. in chemistry from BYU-Idaho. I mostly grew up in northern Indiana, but have lived all over the United States. I studied with Dr. Mark Pugh on the synthesis of oligothiophenes for solar cells and as a lab TA. After graduating, I worked at INVISTA in Lugoff with some alumni of USC. I was already planning on going to grad school and their experience peaked my interest in doing so here. I joined Dr. Tang's research group in the Fall of 2016 to work on bio-derived polymers and vitrimers. I enjoy spending time with my wife and son, playing racquetball, frisbee, and eating.

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Yujin Cha

I am from South Korea. I got my B.S.(2008) and M.S.(2011) in Chemistry from Pohang University of Science and Technology. My research topic was “Synthesis of modified nucleoside triphosphates”. After college, I had worked for LG Chem. During my occupation, I researched on the development of acrylonitrile butadiene rubber latex. I decided to expand my research experience, so I chose USC. In 2016, I joined Dr. Tang’s research group. And, my research topic is about the self-assembly of metallopolymer. My favorite activity is to watch baseball game and to play with my daughter.

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Lin Fu

I am from Qingdao, Shandong province, China. I got my bachelor degree at Qingdao University of Science and Technology, majoring polymer engineering and technology. Then I joined Dr. Li Jia's group in University of Akron got my M.S. there. I dealt with characterization and test mechanical Properties of beta-Sheet nanocrystal-reinforced supramolecular thermoplastic elastomer based on SBR. In Fall 2017, I joined Dr. Tang's group and working on synthesizing biomass based polymers. I enjoy my time here.

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Moumita Sharmin Jui

I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh and received my bachelor degree in Chemistry from Jahangirnagar University. I joined Dr. Tang's group as a volunteer in the spring of 2017. Currently, I am working on cobaltocenium project with Tiyanyu Zhu as my graduate mentor. Besides my study, I love to spend time with my parents and niece.

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Edgar Luat

I was born in upstate New York, but grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. This is currently my third year as an undergraduate student majoring in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, with a minor in Medical Humanities. I joined Dr. Tang’s group in the Summer of 2017, under Anisur Rahman as my graduate mentor. My current research focus revolves around the synthesis of facially amphiphilic polymers derived from terpenoid-based natural biomass, and the examination of their respective antimicrobial activities. I’m planning to attend medical school after graduation. Outside of school, I love music, cooking, and travelling.

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Ayi Eta

Iím from Belton, South Carolina. I am currently a second year undergraduate student majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I joined Dr. Tangís research group in Spring of 2016, with Liang Yuan as my graduate mentor. My current focus of research is the synthesis of biodegradable polymers made from soybean oil for different applications. I plan on attending medical school after graduation. In my free time, I paint, enjoy photography and volunteer at the local hospital.

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Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholars


Dr. Yali Qiao (Ph.D. ICCAS)

Adjunct Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University

Dr. Xiaodong Yin (Ph.D. ICCAS)

Post-doctoral Scientist at Columbia University


Dr. Yuzhi Xu (Ph.D. CAF)

Chinese Academy of Forestry

Dr. Sayful Islam (Ph.D. USC)

Research Chemist at Koppers. Inc.


Dr. Yi Yan (Ph.D. JLU)

Professor at Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, China

Dr. Yanming Han (Ph.D. CAF)

Chinese Academy of Forestry

Dr. Alper Nese

(Ph.D. CMU)

Research Scientist at Sila Nanotechnologies

Dr. Ying Chen

(Ph.D. NJU)

Research Associate Professor at Chinese Academy of Forestry

Dr. Lixia Ren (PhD: ICCAS)

(Ph.D. NJU)

Associate Professor at Tianjin University

Dr. Jifu Wang

(Ph.D. CAF)

Research Associate Professor at Chinese Academy of Forestry

Dr. Zhongkai Wang

(Ph.D. USTC)

Professor at Anhui Agricultural University, China

Dr. Hui Li

(Ph.D.Tianjin University)

Associate Professor at Jinan University

Dr. Shichao Xu

(Ph.D. CAF)

Chinese Academy of Forestry

Dr. Peng Yang(Ph.D. FDU)

Post-doctoral Scientist at UCLA

Graduate Students

Dr. Mitra Ganewatta

Ph.D. 2017 USC, B.S., University of Colombo

Post-doctoral Scientist at University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Xinzhou Zhang

M.S. 2017, B.S. Nanjing University

Dr. Liang Yuan

Ph.D. 2016 USC, B.S. NKU

Research Scientist at Ingevity


Mohammad Pabel Kabir

M.S. 2016, B.S. University of Dhaka



Dr. Jeffery Hayat

Ph.D.2015 USC, B.S. PITT

Research Scientist at Goodyear

Nathan M. Trenor

M.S.2015, B.S. USC

Works at Anchor Sales and Service Inc., Salem, VA. (Nathan's Family Company)


Dr. Perry Wilbon

Ph.D.2015 USC, B.S., M.S. MTSU

Post-doctoral Scientist at University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Dr. Jiuyang Zhang Ph.D. 2014 USC, M.S., B.S. NJU

Professor at Southeast University (China)

Dr. Kejian Yao

Ph.D.2013 USC, M.S., B.S. ECUST

Research Scientist at Georgia-Pacific Chemicals

Dr. Christopher Hardy

Ph.D. 2013 USC, B.S. NCSU

Binder Research Chemist at Knauf Insulation North America


Shanfeng Tang

Yijun Zheng (visiting from PKU), now postdoc in Germany



Undergraduate Students


Louis Mercado

(B.S.(2017) University of South Carolina)



Marcela De Souza

(B.S.(2016) University of São Paulo)


Parker Singleton

(B.S.(2015) USC)

Graduate Student at Cornell University

Timothy M. Deaton

(B.S.(2013) USC)

Graduate Student at Boston College

Eric Leonhardt

(B.S.(2013) USC)

Graduate Student at Texas A&M with Prof. Karen L Wooley


Dioni Gonzalez-Delozier

Miranda Duncan

Deon Doxie, now graduate student at Vanderbilt University

James Lee

Aherial Polite

David Chandler, now University of South Carolina

Cynthia Tamboue, now Benedict College

Yiqing Zhong


High School Students (Project Seed Program)

Laurentz Florit (Ridge View High School)

Adam Wirth (Ridge View High School)

Kim Mcrae (Spring Valley High School)

Lupita Garcia (AC Flora High School)

Matthew Wirth (Ridge View High School)

Neema Patel (AC Flora High School)


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