University of South Carolina College of Arts and Science Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Our research is fundamentally centered on organic chemistry and polymer synthesis on discovering building blocks toward multifunctional macromolecules. The research efforts extend from synthetic methodologies to advanced materials and medicinal chemistries. Since August 2009, we have built three major thrust areas:


(1) Biomass conversion into sustainable chemicals, monomers and polymers, and discovery of antimicrobial agents containing natural products.

(2) Synthetic methodology of neutral metallocene and cationic metallocenium derivatives and their integration into polymeric frameworks via controlled and living polymerization, as well as medicinal chemistry of organometallic compounds and polymers.

(3) Macromolecular design of polymers with new chemistry and compositions for dielectric energy storage.


In addition, we are interested in exploring the self-assembly in polymeric and supramolecular systems.


We are open to highly friendly collaborations in chemistry, materials and biological sciences.


Dr. Tang was elected into the 2018 Class of POLY Fellow, American Chemical Society. 02/2018






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Tang Polymer Group at University of South Carolina